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When considering for the SAT, the inquiry is regularly asked, What is the Best SAT Prep Book? Despite the fact that there are numerous opposing speculations and suppositions on this, I will give you mine. In the accompanying rundown I will clarify the advantages and disadvantages of the three noteworthy and most prominent SAT books. Prepare your test with best sat books right now.


Stars: Large books with heaps of data, some educational tips, expansive vocabulary records

Cons: Very mistaken SAT exams, Sometimes to Complex, Book is vast so a great deal of time is required

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Would I suggest it? No, I would not prescribe Barons SAT books since they are extremely off base. Their tests are harder than the SAT and make understudies feel focused and under arranged. Likewise, a considerable measure of their inquiries are complex to the point that they could never appear on a SAT exam.


Aces: moderate size, not too bad tips, to some degree precise tests (not at all like Barron’s)

Cons: some of the time excessively clarifications of ideas that are not required, not the best for private examination, at times excessively exhausting

Would I prescribe it? In spite of the fact that, the tests are to some degree exact, there is just the same old thing new in this book so I would most likely say to spare the money for another book.

Collegeboard’s Official Guide To the SAT

Masters: Made by similar individuals who make the SAT test, Over 8 Realistic SAT Tests, Comprehensive Overview of the Test

Cons: It doesn’t show you how to beat the test, no clarifications to the test answers (in any case, these can be discovered on the web)

Would I prescribe it? Certainly! In the event that there was just a single book, I could prescribe that you purchase for the SAT, this would be the book.

Alright so this was a legit audit of the Best SAT Prep Book. Good Luck on the SAT! I trust my article helped you!

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